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Charli's puppies have arrived.
Annie's puppies have arrived.
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This website along with
all the successes their
descendents achieve are
dedicated in the memories
of Moli, 1994-2006,
and Quaker, 1993-2007.

"Fly with the wind and
reach for the stars.
Until I can hold you in
my arms I will hold you
in my heart."

I love you both.

Enduring Classics... started in 1990 with one very special little girl named Lady Maxwell Ferguson (Sadie). In 1993 Sadie presented us with Quaker and in 1994 we purchased Moli for his mate. Since then Quaker and Moli have blessed many families with lovely puppies as well as ourselves. We were presented with Quintin, born in 1997, and Cali, born in 2000. Moli also went visiting in 2001 and presented us with Micki. In 2003, Cali added to our family when she gave us our third generation, Abby. Our family would not be complete without Hanna, Quaker's cousin, who joined our gang in 1996.

We've added to our family. In 2006 Quail and Bon Jovi joined us compliments of Abby. In 2007 we welcomed Chance to our family thanks to Cali. In 2010 Quail gave us Tali and in 2012 Quail gave us our latest addition, Remy.

Please feel free to scroll through the pages and get acquainted with each of the kids.